We get it! You’re busy running your business, so we’re here to provide a B2B solution to propel your venue towards EV charging competitiveness and Australia’s net zero goals.

Welcome to ChargeBoss!

We’re an Australian owned and operated service that specialises in building fully automated, scalable and user-friendly EV charging stations at your location. Transform your car parks into a competitive point of difference and a valuable income generating amenity for the benefit of your customers, guests and bottom line.

B2B Streamlined Service & Implementation

Charge Boss offers a streamlined product selection process, engineering and installation options, through to money collection, vouchers and charge point management.

As a B2B specialist we provide solutions to venues and locations that want to attract more customers and add value. We understand that your investment will be dependent on solutions that suit your ideal dwell time, premises and budget. That’s why our streamlined process helps you:

EV Eco System

Select chargers from reputable European and Australian brands.

Consider infrastructure effectiveness such as load and energy management, and communications.

We provides you with Charge Boss’ EV OS for automated payment collection, management and reporting.

What is the cost vs benefit of owning an EV charging hub?

Charging station owners benefit from – attracting more visitors, enticing longer stays, having an income generating amenity that adds value to their property/premises, caring for the environment, and becoming a destination for the growing number of EV drivers in Australia.

The Charge Boss team

Charge Boss is a collaboration of experts in property and building, who have partnered with electrical engineers and IT specialists. Together they strive to grow the EV charging network across Australia with reliable charging infrastructure. The integration of software and hardware, along with the load and energy management powers-up the hubs to be automated, effective, scalable and fully optimised.