A small investment now can generate more traffic and profitability for your location.

ChargeBoss specialises in B2B solutions that suit your location and customers. Stay ahead of your competition by offering EV charging facilities!

The transition towards green modes of transport is inevitable with the number of EVs in Australia tripling to over 8% of new car sales in 2023. Add the global commitment to end the manufacturing of fuel powered cars and this percentage will continue to rise. Put your business on the map and boost your brand, appeal to more customers, increase dwell time, loyalty and customer satisfaction, offer staff benefits, marketing initiatives and more.

It’s time to take charge!

With more EV’s on the road, and often such vast distances to cover between cities, Australia’s charging infrastructure is lagging. Whilst there is a joint effort from both Government and private enterprise to build more EV charging stations, we are still falling short of demand. That’s where your business comes in!

Now is an opportune time for your business to be part of the EV revolution! Build a reliable and user-friendly charging station on your premises that achieves your Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) goals and brings great benefit to your customers, the environment, and income stream.

Benefits to your business

Building an EV charging station is an investment that offers numerous benefits. You can start with basic AC chargers for medium to long stay guests or ramp to DC fast chargers for short stay visitors. Ideally a combination of the two but most importantly, the ability to upscale as the needs of your location grows. Charge Boss helps you find an integrated solution to electrify your car spaces for greater return on your investment.


Be a brand that is recognised for forward thinking and innovation.

Be Green

Demonstrate social consciousness and achieve your environmental goals.


Reward your loyal customers or create campaigns with this valuable amenity.


Be the destination of choice for EV drivers and attract more guests.


Create a competitive point of difference and another income stream from your chargers!

Electrifying your car spaces is a small investment that can make a BIG difference for your customers, the environment and income stream.

Benefits of smart technology

Boost your EV charging offering with the Charge Boss EV Operating System (OS). This is a fully automated built smart technology that interacts with your guest using the simple 3-step “Scan-Pay-Charge” method to use the chargers. The Charge Boss EV OS collects payment, provides reporting and can remotely trouble shoot your chargers.

Create campaigns or rewards your customers with our Charge Boss EV OS Micro-services add-on! Customise your offerings with discounts or free charging vouchers for VIPs. Have the flexibility to creatively market your chargers and become a preferred destination for EV drivers! 

Read more about ChargeBoss’ EV Operating System (OS) and Micro-Services library options click here

Attract more visitors

Increase well time

Reward your customers and staff

Create campaigns, VIP vouchers and more

Access free monthly reporting




Give your patrons even more reason to visit your club, pub or hospitality venue by building an EV charging station on your premises. Attract visitors and increase dwell time as they engage with more of your facilities and hospitality. Leverage the Charge Boss EV OS capabilities and run campaigns to reward patrons and their guests.



Be the destination of choice for EV drivers as they travel through our cities and countryside. Achieve your Environmental & Social Governance (ESG) Goals to differentiate your hotel, AirBnB or resort by installing EV charging facilities for your short or long stay guests and visitors. Put yourself on the map and support the transition to zero emission leisure and travel.



EV charging is fast becoming an office perk for businesses wanting to go green. With Charge Boss’ EV OS you can have the flexibility of providing your EV charging hub for staff as well as paid use by the public. Reward your team, increase retention and provide a valuable amenity for visitors of your workplace.



Most EV drivers charge at home. Add value to your property and appeal to owners and tenants by building a fully automated EV charging station that has the option of free charging or utilise the ‘Scan-Pay-Charge’ technology so only EV users and guests pay. From Oct 2023, the NCC changes require all new apartment blocks to be EV ready, so get your strata up to speed with an amenity that can generate income.



Take your new projects to the next level by installing reliable EV charging units into your development. The NCC has made the requirement for chargers mandatory, so installing Charge Boss’ fully automated charging stations can make it an easy and profitable amenity for the strata to own and maintain. Call us to discuss your custom solutions. 



Help your customers and expand your offering with EV charging options! If you’re a licensed electrician who is seeing the growing demand for EV charging in the home, workplace or commercial facilities, why not join our team of electricians and systems integrators. Call us to discuss an EV Charger partnership so you too can provide this service and innovative product.



If you have an existing charging station but would like to upgrade, replace or expand your offering, Charge Boss can help you manage the next steps. Grow your station to meet the changing needs of your customers or ADD the Charge Boss EV OS – software to simplify money collection via the ‘Scan-Pay-Charge’ method, monthly reporting, microservices and more. Consider load and energy management to ensure that your station is optimized. Call us to discuss your your custom solutions.