Electric Vehicle  technology is fast-evolving, so partner with ChargeBoss to access versatile and reliable AC and DC charger options.

If you’re a venue that wants to increase customer appeal, satisfaction and added value, we understand that your requirements will be dependent on your ideal customer dwell time, premises and budget. That’s why our streamlined process helps you:

EV Charging hardware

Depending on your type of business and objectives, the chargers you need could vary from Level 2 medium to long dwell time chargers through to Level 3 fast chargers, or a combination of both. Our team can offer strategic solutions to ensure that your EV charging stations are reliable, effective and optimise your investment with all the added benefits of increased traffic and time on your premises.


How do I select an EV Charger?

The kW rating of an EV charger determines how quickly the vehicle’s battery can be charged. Higher kW ratings result in faster charging times, but it’s important to note that the charging rate may also be limited by the vehicle’s onboard charging capabilities.

For public charging stations that you can offer for your customers, guests, staff and visitors we recommend Level 2 chargers and upwards. These chargers allow for a dedicated charger to be installed with supporting infrastructure, communications and the software to manage your hub. Note: The faster the charger, typically the higher $/kW fee you can bill your customer. 


Long stay or overnight

(AC chargers – 7kW, 22kW)

From $1,900

Level 2

Medium length of stay public chargers

(DC – 30kW)

From $20,000

Level 3

Short stay, fast chargers

(DC – 60kW, 90kW, 120kW +)

From $50,000

What’s the difference between an AC and DC charger?

AC chargers convert alternating current to charge the battery via the vehicle’s onboard charger. These are your typical Level 1 and 2 chargers. Whilst Level 2 and 3, DC chargers provide direct current power to the battery, bypassing the onboard charger and allowing for a larger flow of power therefore, faster charging. Note: different levels of power will also require the electrical capacity and infrastructure. 

Charge Boss EV charger options

Charge Boss offers a range of 7kW and 22kW AC chargers, along with 30kW or 60kW, through to larger 90kW up to 180kW DC chargers to suit the requirements of your business and premises. Special portable 60kW DC chargers are also available for events or moveable requirements.

We also offer additional equipment such as stainless-steel pedestals, signage and custom wrapping to brand your chargers with your logo or design.

Note: Charge Boss offers chargers that are OCCP compliant, compatible with Charge Boss EV OS (software) and eligible for various grants. Please check for requirements of specific grants for yours and the products eligibility