Charge Boss EV Operating System (OS) powered by Noodoe,

is a labor-saving automated infrastructure diagnostics, alerts, and recovery software to help ensure uninterrupted operation of your charging station. What makes it different is the core technology that empowers autonomous operation to enable the lowest possible operating cost.

The ChargeBoss EV OS powered by Noodoe, is one of the most advanced cloud-based operating platforms today, with an ever-expanding library of microservices to make it both powerful and highly versatile. You can select the right combination of services to design the perfect solution for your business

The Charge Boss EV OS platform allows you to:

Offer 24/7 fully autonomous charging (no staff required),

Collect payment using the ‘Scan, Pay, Charge’ method via the QR code,

Access monthly reporting and pricing scheduling,

Add micro-services for vouchers & campaigns, VIPs or fleet.

Load manage for effective distribution of power across the chargers.

Add more chargers or apply the EV OS to your existing charging station!

Micro-services library

Leverage your EV charging station as a way to add value to your patrons. The Micro-services add-on allows a multi-use payment structure. For example, you might bill external users for charging while making the stations available for free to patrons or VIPs.

24/7 Autonomous Charging

What’s better than a charger that works autonomously, boosts your business profile, and generates additional revenue! No cards, no apps, no accounts and no calls so that your valued guests can operate the charger at any time of day that your EV charging station is open and accessible. Charging station owners benefit from offering an amenity that will quickly become a necessity, without the need to hire more staff. Check out our ‘SCAN – PAY – CHARGE’ demo here.


Load Management

Charge Boss EV OS includes a software-based load management system that allows you to expand your capacity without costly upgrades. Dynamically shift energy to vehicles that need it the most, while constantly monitoring and maintaining the total load under the limit of the electrical panel.

Take this a step further and have our system integrators and electrical specialists look at energy management and power generation for overall effectiveness of your premises.

ADD Charge Boss EV OS to your existing chargers

If you already have chargers on your premises but would like to upgrade to the advanced features of the Charge Boss EV OS, the good news is that our software is compatible to any OCCP compliant hardware. It would just require a test for confirmation, then we can connect the EV OS to your charger, and you can start operating with the Charge Boss EV OS system and get the full suite of offerings and benefits listed above.