ChargeBoss is a proud partner and distributor of Noodoe EV chargers in Australia. The balance of ease of ownership and user friendliness is the reason that we represent Noodoe and the full suite of charging services that can be offered beyond the charger itself. 

Why Noodoe charging stations are different from the rest
* Speedy charging times – Noodoe’s fast charger can charge a vehicle up to 80% in just 30mins
* User-friendly design – touchpad interface makes it simple for all EV drivers to charge their vehicles
* Compatible with all EV brands
* Cloud based monitoring system – charging stations can be easily accessed and monitored remotely, making maintenance a breeze
* Real time updates – users can receive real-time updates on their charging status
* Accessible for all – can be installed in both public and private locations

Why Noodoe charging stations are the way forward for EVs
* Energy efficient – designed to provide energy-efficient charging options that minimise energy waste and help improve energy conservation
* Low maintenance – minimal maintenance is required as chargers are remotely managed reducing hassle and downtime for users
* User friendly – making them easy to install, operate and maintain. They offer a seamless charging experience with their intuitive interface and user-centric design
* Smart technology – charging stations incorporate advanced smart technology with features like automated billing, remote access, and custom branding options to meet the evolving needs of the EV charging market.

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