The electric vehicle (EV) revolution continues to gain momentum, and as Australia takes steps toward a greener and more sustainable future, ChargeBoss is here to help apartment buildings in New South Wales embrace the electric vehicle charging trend. The New South Wales (NSW) Government has introduced an exciting opportunity for residential strata apartment buildings to join the EV charging movement through the EV Ready Buildings Grant program. This initiative, launched on October 17, 2023, is designed to make EV charging infrastructure more accessible to residents living in apartment buildings.

Understanding the Grant

The NSW EV Ready Buildings grant is an exceptional opportunity, offering financial support for residential strata apartments classified under Class 2 of the National Construction Code (NCC). With a cap of $80,000 per application, this grant aims to assist up to 125 eligible applicants in making electric vehicle charging more convenient and accessible within their apartment complexes.

Two Stages of Support

The grant process is divided into two stages, each offering unique advantages to applicants:

Stage 1: Feasibility Studies Phase

In the first stage, applicants will need to invest $2,000 plus GST to engage a consultant allocated by the NSW Government. The purpose of this stage is to conduct a thorough feasibility study, assessing the viability of introducing EV charging infrastructure to the apartment building. If applicants already possess an existing feasibility study, they have the option to submit it for review. However, if the study is not deemed suitable, applicants will be required to undergo a new assessment.

This phase is crucial for ensuring that the introduction of EV charging infrastructure is well-planned and feasible for the apartment building. It provides a strong foundation for successful implementation in the subsequent stage.

Stage 2: Installation of EV Charging Infrastructure

Once the feasibility study phase is completed and deemed viable, the NSW Government will step in to provide substantial financial support. In this second stage, the government will fund up to 80% of the cost associated with retrofitting the electrical infrastructure required for EV charging. This includes essential components such as load management systems, cabling, switchboards, distribution boards, and surveys. The grant even covers the installation of up to four charging units, making it easier for apartment residents to charge their electric vehicles.

Moreover, the government will co-fund 50% of the cost of the software subscription needed for managing the EV charging infrastructure. This funding is capped at $1,250 plus GST per applicant, ensuring that apartment buildings have access to the latest software solutions to streamline and manage EV charging effectively.

Benefits of the EV Grant for Apartment Buildings

  1. Cost Reduction: By providing significant financial support for the installation of EV charging infrastructure, the NSW Government is helping apartment buildings significantly reduce the financial burden associated with electrifying their premises.
  2. Access to Expertise: The feasibility study phase ensures that the introduction of EV charging is well-planned and well-executed. The involvement of government-allocated consultants guarantees access to professional guidance.
  3. Sustainability: By embracing EV charging solutions, apartment buildings in NSW contribute to the state’s broader sustainability goals by reducing carbon emissions and promoting cleaner transportation alternatives.
  4. Convenience for Residents: With the installation of EV charging stations, residents can enjoy the convenience of charging their electric vehicles at home, eliminating the need for public charging stations and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

How to Apply

Apartment buildings interested in applying for the EV Ready Buildings Grant may do so by filling out an online application here. It’s essential to be proactive and well-prepared to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

At ChargeBoss, we’re excited to see more apartment buildings in New South Wales taking steps toward a cleaner and more sustainable future by embracing electric vehicle charging infrastructure. With the support of the NSW Government’s EV Ready Buildings grant, electrifying your apartment complex has never been easier or more affordable.

As the electric vehicle market continues to grow, ensuring that EV charging infrastructure is accessible to everyone is a crucial step in promoting sustainable transportation. ChargeBoss is here to assist apartment buildings in making this transition as smooth as possible, and the NSW Government’s EV Ready Buildings grant is a giant leap toward a greener future.

For the full details and updated information please visit the official NSW Government site: