In the quest for a greener and more sustainable future, the WA government is encouraging the spread of electric vehicle chargers by co-funding about 50% of their cost with $15 million in grants. ChargeBoss, your trusted partner in Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Solutions, is thrilled to share the exciting news about this grant, which is set to revolutionize the state’s approach to EV charging infrastructure.

The WA Charge up Workplace Grant comes with a substantial fund of $15 million, which is thoughtfully allocated to cater to the unique needs of SMEs and LGAs.

A wide range of projects will be considered so long as eligibility requirements are met. Sample projects include: 


      • Destination charging: Charging at destinations that people typically spend a few hours at during the day. For example, tourist or cultural attractions, cafés, wineries, beaches, swimming pools, parks, or other outdoor leisure activity facilities. 

      • As well as some overnight charging!

    Understanding the Grant

    The WA Charge up Workplace Grant comes with a substantial fund of $15 million, which is thoughtfully allocated to cater to the unique needs of SMEs and LGAs.


        • $10 Million for SMEs: Small and medium businesses, defined as those with fewer than 200 employees, have the opportunity to tap into a significant portion of the grant. This allocation is set to empower businesses in Western Australia to embrace EV charging solutions.

        • $5 Million for LGAs: Local Government Authorities, playing a pivotal role in promoting sustainable practices, are allocated $5 million to facilitate the expansion of EV charging infrastructure in their respective regions.

      Who Can Benefit

      The beauty of the WA Charge up Workplace Grant lies in its inclusivity. The grant is available to businesses and organizations that fall under various categories:


          1. Small Businesses: Defined as those with fewer than 20 employees, small businesses can leverage this grant to make EV charging infrastructure more accessible and convenient.

          1. Medium Businesses: With 20 to 199 employees, medium-sized businesses also fall under the grant’s purview. This ensures that a broad spectrum of businesses can benefit from the grant’s support.

        Charger Options

        One of the most remarkable aspects of the grant is its flexibility regarding the use of chargers. Businesses can choose to install chargers for public use, or for private use, such as fleet charging and employees-only charging. This adaptability allows businesses to cater to various needs and preferences.

        What the Grant Covers

        The WA Charge up Workplace Grant offers substantial financial support to facilitate the installation of EV charging infrastructure. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the grant coverage:


            1. Charger Costs: The grant covers 50% of the cost for up to four AC and DC chargers, ranging from 7 kW to 350 kW. This generous support significantly reduces the financial burden associated with purchasing chargers.

            1. Installation Costs: For chargers with a capacity of less than 150 kW in the Greater Perth Area, the grant provides 50% of the installation cost, capped at $5,000. In regional or remote Western Australia, the installation cost is capped at $10,000. For chargers with a capacity of 350 kW or more, the installation cost is capped at $10,000 in the Greater Perth Area and $20,000 in regional or remote WA.

            1. Electrical Network Costs: The grant also covers 50% of the electrical network costs associated with installation, capped at $150,000 per site for those under Western Power and up to $225,000 per site for those under Horizon Power. This support ensures that businesses can efficiently connect their charging infrastructure to the grid.

            1. Software Costs: To manage and operate the EV charging infrastructure effectively, the grant includes 50% of the software costs for a two-year period.

          Application Process

          Great news! The application deadline for the WA Charge Up Workplace Grant, which
          opened in November 4, 2023, has been extended to 30 June 2024.
          Request a tailored quote from us and kickstart your application by visiting
          the official grant website and follow the application guidelines.
          Submitting your application promptly and being well-prepared
          will maximise your chances of success.

          A Sustainable Future Beckons

          The WA Charge up Workplace Grant is a remarkable opportunity for Western Australian
          businesses to contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. ChargeBoss is
          here to assist you in navigating the grant process and making the most of this exciting
          opportunity. By embracing EV charging solutions, you can help create a greener
          tomorrow for your business and the community it serves. Don’t miss your chance to be
          a part of the electric vehicle revolution in Western Australia. Apply now!

          For the full details and updated information please visit the official WA Government site: