According to recent Roy Morgan research, 548,000 Australians aim to buy an electric vehicle in the next four years, accounting for 12.5% of all those planning to buy a new vehicle during this time frame. This is phenomenal growth of almost 1,230% from four years ago.

Here are some aspects that EV buyers typically consider:

       1.      Range: One of the primary concerns for EV buyers is the vehicle’s driving range on a single charge. Buyers want to know that they can travel a reasonable distance without needing to recharge, which helps alleviate “range anxiety.”

       2.      Charging Infrastructure: The availability and convenience of charging stations are crucial considerations. EV buyers often want to ensure that charging stations are easily accessible, both at home and on the road.

       3.      Charging Speed: Buyers appreciate fast-charging capabilities that allow them to quickly top up their battery while on the go. High-speed charging can significantly reduce the time spent charging during long trips.

       4.      Cost of Ownership: While the upfront cost of EVs can be higher than that of traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, many buyers are interested in the potential long-term cost savings associated with lower fuel and maintenance expenses.

       5.      Incentives: Government incentives, such as tax credits and rebates, can play a significant role in influencing EV purchasing decisions. Buyers often consider the availability of these incentives when evaluating their options.

       6.      Performance: EV buyers are interested in the performance aspects of electric vehicles, including acceleration, handling, and overall driving experience. Some electric vehicles are known for their impressive acceleration due to instant torque delivery.

       7.      Resale Value: As the EV market matures, buyers may increasingly consider the resale value of electric vehicles, especially as more models become available and the technology becomes more widespread.

       8.      Reliability and Longevity: EV buyers want to know that their vehicles will be reliable and have a reasonable lifespan. Concerns about battery degradation and replacement costs can influence purchasing decisions.

It’s evident that EV ownership also requires a change in driver habits, most notably the management of ‘battery charge’ to avoid range anxiety or running out of battery. EV drivers want the confidence to drive and charge along their route, whether that’s at the local super market, whilst they’re parked at work or grabbing dinner with their family. This is where business and venues can lift their appeal by having simple and easy EV charging amenities for their customers. 

ChargeBoss can help you convert your onsite car parks into to a valuable EV charging station. We offer integrated hardware and software technologies that can streamline your EV charging set-up. 

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